DieCon 17

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Last Updated : 04/13

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Con Day

Game Title Game SystemGame Company Game TypeGMDescription
1 Friday I Psi: The Italian Job QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG Ian Engle National Intelligence has learned that a painting recently restored to Italy from Nazi loot is in fact a forgery. It should be an easy job to steal the fake from the museum and replace it with the real painting, right? Of course it is. I Spy meets Men Who Stare at Goats in this 1950's espionage caper.
2 Friday R.E.G. (Retired, Extremely Grump) QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG David Szucs Communist vampires?!? I didn’t think the commies even believed in an afterlife! U.N.S.A.F.E. has recently uncovered another blast from the past. Dimitriov the Bear has revived (insert pun groan) the Special Casualties Recruitment Section from Cold War storage to assist with the new Russian expansion into the Ukraine. Retired U.N.S.A.F.E. agents and the grumpiest of grumpy old men, Statler & Waldorf, will be vital to neutralizing the threat, finding out where all these Pirogi vendors came from, and solving the mystery of the creepy guy who picks up the trash 4 hours before the garbage truck runs. Your job is to get them there and back without letting them create an international crisis. You’ll have mission support from Muppet Labs, but you’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. PCs in this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meets The Muppets game can be any muppet or actor who has ever appeared on The Muppet Show or Sesame Street.
3 Saturday Beau Hexed: Smoke and Fire QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG Ian Engle When France’s colonial empire is threatened they send in the Foreign Legion. But when the enemy gets too weird, too big, too powerful, the Legion sends in its special squad, the Invincibles, to deal with the miscreants. Beau Geste meets The Librarians meets the Roaring 20s in this adventure.
4 Saturday Guardians of Aetheria Cinemechanix Hex Games RPG Steve Johnson The shining kingdom of Aetheria is a peaceful, magical place full of happy people and valiant heroes, but beyond the ruined ancient cities of the Scarred Lands lies an evil realm ruled by monsters and madness. Lately, the wastelands are crawling with minions of Bloodgrave the Witch King, and many worry that he’s amassing an army to bring war against Aetheria. If he does, he’ll have to face the Guardians of Aetheria, brave heroes with strange powers that almost seem like they were designed entirely to make kids want the action figure. Get your first look at Hex Games’ shiny new system in this epic game of science-fantasy adventure where grimdark 80s animation meets Saturday morning cartoon toy commercials.
4 Saturday Ghost Wrasslers: The Tollbooth Phantom QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG Ian Engle TV land is full of ghost hunting shows, but none are like the Ghost Wrasslers. These brawny paranormal investigators’ job is to put the smackdown on ghosts. These aren’t your great-granny still making her rocking chair rock ghosts, these are spooks with a mean streak a mile wide. Time to send varmints back to the Great Beyond where they belong. And we should start with the spook that's haunting the Old Turnpike.
5 Saturday Wet Hot American Monsters: Staff Week Cinemechanix Hex Games RPG Steve Johnson Being a monster is hard. Being a teenager is hard. Imagine being a teenage monster. Luckily, there’s a place where young monsters can forge new friendships, enjoy the great outdoors, and make all kinds of terrible mistakes with limited adult supervision. Welcome to Camp Windigo, the only summer camp catering exclusively to teenage werewolves, young Frankensteins, sons of Dracula, and other monster-Americans. You’ve been there as a camper before, but this year you’re getting paid well below minimum wage to be a camp counselor for the first time. You’ve only got a week to get everything ready for the campers and prove to the other counselors (especially the cute ones) that you’re not lame. Test out Hex’s new Cinemechanix system in this game where summer camp movies meet campy movie monsters.
5 Saturday Men in Black Dusters! QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG David Szucs The Wild Wild West, 1835: After saving Mexico, the United States, and quite possibly democracy itself, you and your fellow agents are getting a vacation of sorts. You’re headed to an island called Tahiti in the South Pacific to find a ship called the Beagle that’s about to set out for a scientific mission to South America. According to the Predictions Department, there’s a guy named Darwin on the ship who must make this journey, but a group of religious fanatics-turned pirates is planning to attack the Beagle early in the voyage. Your mission is to either get aboard the Beagle and keep it safe or convince Darwin to find another way to complete his journey. If you succeed, a nation that doesn’t even know you exist will be forever in your debt. Good luck!
6 Sunday Team Alpha 37 Cinemechanix Hex Games RPG Steve Johnson Super-heroes have been around for most of the 20th Century, but it wasn’t until the late 80s that they started to get EXTREME! In the 90s, hokey black and white morality, fisticuffs, and colorful costumes are out; moral ambiguity, impractically large weapons, and the paramilitary look are in. To be a super-hero these days, you need attitude, inexplicable anatomy, and a whole buttload of straps and pouches. It’s time to grit your teeth, clench your jaw until that vein in your neck is the size of a firehose, and be a hero! Take a test drive of Hex Games’ new Cinemechanix system in this not-necessarily-loving tribute to the Dark Age of comics.