DieCon 17

Game Session 1 Event Schedule

Friday June 9th, 2017

2pm - 6pm

Last Updated : 04/13

Game Session

Game Title

Game System Game CompanyGame Type Con DayGMDescription
1 Promises in Bone, Part 1 Dungeon World Sage Kobold RPG Friday Damon Wilson A giant skeleton lies pinned to a lonely mountain. How'd it get there? What are the mountain people doing with its bones? Before your party can find out, you'll need to navigate the deep, dark forest, and its cunning denizens!
1 Scooby Doo: Wednesday Morning FAST FAST Games RPG Friday Larry Babb A teenage heiress contacts Mystery, Inc to investigate a creepy old mansion. Local legend has it that the dead walk the decaying halls by night. It’s up to those meddling kids to get to the bottom of the mystery. Join Scooby and the gang with special guest star Wednesday Addams for this Lovecraftian twist on the classic Saturday morning cartoon.
1 Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles: Brogue Pun FAST FAST Games RPG Friday Woody Babb Once upon a time, in a sewer far, far away, the Padawans in a Half Shell stumble onto an insidious plot by the evil Empire to wipe out any resistance.  They must ally themselves with a reckless pilot and rescue a beautiful princess to stand a chance of stopping Darth Shredder and his Foot Troopers.  Leo, Mike, Raph, and Don will risk it all to keep the Rebel Alliance from being obliterated.  Not everyone will make it through the mission alive!
1 I Psi: The Italian Job QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG Friday Ian Engle National Intelligence has learned that a painting recently restored to Italy from Nazi loot is in fact a forgery. It should be an easy job to steal the fake from the museum and replace it with the real painting, right? Of course it is. I Spy meets Men Who Stare at Goats in this 1950's espionage caper.
1 Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper Crypt Monkey Studios, LLC Board Friday Ty Rucker Jack the Ripper is a fun, fast, and easy to play social deduction card game. Players play as one of four scavenger hunters or Jack himself. Fight to determine which of you is the killer or, if you are Jack, to outlast the search. Each game lasts no more than 15 minutes. Points will be awarded after each game for defeating Jack the Ripper and for winning the game as Jack the Ripper. Near the end of the event, players with the most points will play each other in the final for a chance to win a Jack the Ripper Set. The Set includes a Jack the Ripper game deck, a play mat, and glass bead markers all packaged in a period-perfect burlap sack.
1 The Horologists Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Fantasy Flight Games Board Friday Peter Ruocco The PC'S are tasked with exploring a newly discovered world on the Rim. All materials provided. Newcomer are welcome.
1 Dragons?! They're no dragons in Deadlands!! Deadlands Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc RPG Friday Michael Rectenwald A new terrible monster has been sighted on the plans. It is attacking trains. Witnesses say that its big, mean....and breathes fire.