DieCon 17

Game Session 2 Event Schedule

Friday June 9Th, 2017

7pm - 11:30pm

Last Updated : 05/30

Game Session

Game Title

Game System Game CompanyGame Type Con DayGMDescription
2 Macau Incident-27 January 1799 Post Captain Old Dominion GameWorks Miniature Friday Ray Runge Era: Napoleonic Naval Combat with 1/1000 scale. The Macau Incident was an inconclusive encounter between a powerful squadron of French and Spanish warships and a British Royal Navy escort squadron in the Wanshan (or Ladrones) Archipelago off Macau on 27 January 1799. The incident took place in the context of the East Indies campaign during the French Revolutionary Wars, with the allied squadron attempting to disrupt a valuable British merchant convoy due to sail from Qing Dynasty China. 
2 1813-The Year of Nationalism Bonaparte Mark Johnson Miniature Friday Mark Johnson Era: Napoleonic Ground Combat with 25mm scale. Throughout 1813, France’s satellites struggled to accommodate their loyalty to Napoleon, the military threat of Coalition powers, and their national interests and preservation. Presenting battles from a hypothetical campaign in Eastern Europe. Active French occupation and fortress troops, and regional allied brigades, face off against Austrian and other Coalition forces.
2 Disturbing The Peace Fistfull of TOWs 3 Ty Beard & Paul Minton Miniature Friday Adam H. Jones III Era: Modern Ground Combat with 1/285 scale. The Cold War turned hot when the Arabs and Israelis clashed in the 1973 Yom Kipper War. Initial Soviet gains in Europe were stopped and NATO slowly began to push back. Last week, a temporary hold was ordered as negotiations began in Switzerland to try to settle the conflict. Both sides held their ground and patrolled the area between the lines to keep tabs on the enemy. Last night in the no mans land between the NATO and Soviet forces near the village of Shwans...an aircraft appeared to crash. Both sides waited until dawn to check out the crash site after NATO and the Soviets agreed to allow a small recon unit from each side to approach the wreck.
2 Giora's Shahak* (Israeli name for the Mirage III) Check your 6!: Jet Age Skirmish Campaigns Miniature Friday Terry Callahan Era: Six Day War Air Combat with 1/300 scale. Fifty years ago, the Six Day War was being fought from June 5 through June 10. After claiming two EAF MiG 21s, one Syrian MiG 21, and taking shrapnel in the leg on June 6, Giora Rom managed to extricate himself from the hospital and make it back to his squadron on June 7. After managing to get a doctors ok to fly, Giora launched on a ground attack mission toward Ras Sudr and Sharm-El-Sheikh. After take-off, the ground intercept controller ordered the Shahaks to turn north and drop their fuel tanks. Soon the Shahaks spotted several MiG 17s that were attacking two Israeli Super Mysteres.
2 Intercept at All Cost Wings of Glory Ares Games Miniature Friday James Kantor Era: World War I Air Combat with 1/144 scale. Spotters at the front lines have reported a bomber strike inbound. Scramble to protect the base!
2 Star Gazer BH3133 Ultimate Warzone Warzone Miniature Friday Dennis Moler While on patrol over the skies of Mars you chance upon a ship. The call letters indicate the Star Gazer a ship that disappeared just before the AI wars long before you were born. Now in a course to collide with the planet, you have been ordered to investigate. All materials will be provided and rules will be taught. New players welcome.
2 Dogger Bank Incident Grand Fleets Majestic Twelve Games Miniature Friday Daniel Kast On the night of October 21, 1904, Russian warships misinterpreted signals from British fishing ships in the English Channel and opened fire. One trawler was sunk and three fishermen killed. For a time it seemed as if the world was on the brink of a true world war, should the current situation not be defused peacefully. This scenario presents a "what if?" situation in which the British Channel Fleet engaged the Baltic Fleet.
2 Circus Imperium Circus Imperium FASA Board Friday Atomic Squash 11th Annual Race for the DieCon Cup! Compete for the coveted recognition as the Atomic Squash Circus Imperium Champion. Circus Imperium is a tongue in cheek chariot racing game loosely based on FASA's RPG Renegade Legion. Players attempt to complete three circuits while keeping their chariots and drivers intact. The main challenge is maneuvering around the bends while attempting to disable or block your opponents. The game has some brief miniature rules and provisions for all sorts of carnage. Maneuvering cards also add a bit of randomness to the race. Not for the serious strategist, but all in all a nice fun diversion. Get Ready to Whip the Beasts!
2 Learn to Play Bolt Action 2nd Edition Warlord Games Miniature Friday Staff Learn to play Bolt Action 2nd Edition; a squad level WWII skirmish action game.
2 2017 Midwest Regional Diamonds Championship Diamonds Stronghold Games Board Friday Double Exposure Envoy This Stronghold game by Mike Fitzgerald is a trick-taking card game in which players collect Diamonds - not cards bearing that suit, mind you, but rather actual "Diamond Crystals". What makes the game of Diamonds different from other trick-taking card games is that when you cannot follow suit you get a "Suit Action" based on what suit you do play. Suit Actions are also taken by the winner of each trick, as well as at the end of a full Round of play. Whoever has the most points in Diamond Crystals at the end of the game wins! The winner of this tournament will get a trophy, a copy of the game, a seat at the first elimination round of the U.S. National Championship at Gen Con 2017, plus a FREE 4-day badge for Gen Con 2017 and a FREE room share with up to 3 other people for 3 nights at Gen Con 2017.
2 Adventures in Zombiewood Adventures in Zombiewood Baskerville Production Board Friday Michael McClure Zombiewood is a co-operative card/dice-based game that pits you and other unfortunate survivors against a horde of undead Z-lebrities as you fight your way through the plots of 20 of the most influential movies and TV series of the zombie genre.
2 A Feast of Odin A Feast of Odin Z-Man Games Board Friday Atomic Squash Using the central board in A Feast for Odin, players have to hunt, gather basic materials, refine those materials, develop their production-buildings, build/buy ships, and raid settlements. The resulting earnings are placed on the players' board in the best possible pattern to produce income and (later) victory point
2 Ice Cool Ice Cool Brain Games Board Friday Atomic Squash Ice Cool is a flicking game in which each round one of the players takes the role of the Hall Monitor (also called "the Catcher") – his aim will be to catch each other penguin and get points for that. The others (also known as "Runners") will try to run through several doors, thus gaining fish (that give them points) on their way. When either the Hall Monitor has caught each other penguin once or any of the others has gone through all 3 doors that have fish on them, the round is over. Each player will take the role of the Hall Monitor once and at the end of the game the winner will be the one with the most points on their fish cards.
2 Roll Player Roll Player Thunderworks Games Board Friday Atomic Squash In Roll Player, you will compete to create the greatest fantasy adventurer who has ever lived, preparing your character to embark on an epic quest. Roll and draft dice to build up your character’s attributes. Purchase weapons and armor to outfit your hero. Train to gain skills and discover your hero’s traits to prepare them for their journey. Earn Reputation Stars by constructing the perfect character. The player with the greatest Reputation wins the game and will surely triumph over whatever nefarious plot lies ahead!
2 Rail Games EBI Rail Games Mayfair Games Board Friday Bob Roby The Mayfair Empire Builder International (EBI) Crayon Games: Build Tracks, Deliver Loads, Collect Money, Avoid Disasters, Deliver More Loads, Collect More Money, Race Across the Countryside, Collect Even More Money & Win! The Empire Game & two other boards -- Player's choice will be set up.
2 Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan Mayfair Games Board Friday O.J. Be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what resources the island produces. Collect your resources to build up your civilization to get to 10 victory points and win the game.
2 The Captain is Dead The Captain is Dead AEG Board Friday AEG Staff Imagine in the last 10 minutes of your favorite science fiction TV show things have gone so badly that the captain is dead. Surviving members of your crew must pull together to survive the day!
2 Dice City Dice City AEG Board Friday AEG Staff A dice-crafting game, where the locations in your city act as the changing faces of your dice each turn. Use tactics & strategy to press your claim!
2 7 Wonders Tournament 7 Wonders Asmodee Board Friday Frank Kallal Event Fee $7. Take it up a Notch and Step up the Competitive nature of this great game. We will divide up into as even as possible teams, and play a Mini-tourney, with Points Awarded for Placing. The Prizes will be handed out based on standing. Prices can include 7 Wonders Art Pack, 7 Wonders Playmat, Alt Art Card, etc. If we have a full 8 players one random player will win a copy of the game. More info at http://piasapro.com/events
2 Super Dungeon Explorer Super Dungeon Explorer Classic Mode 2nd Edition Soda Pop Miniatures Board Friday Cheryl Cloninger The Dark Consul has created spawning points that release monsters throughout the land of Crystalia. As a hero of Crystalia your job is to fight your way through the hordes of monsters and destroy all of the spawn points, but beware as the Dark Consul senses your victories they release even more powerful monsters to stop the hero's progress. This game brings the video game console to your tabletop with detailed miniatures and lavishly illustrated dungeon tiles. Game will be taught, no experience necessary.
2 Zombicide Zombicide Guillotine Games Board Friday Jerry Collins The zombie apocalypse has happened, even though you never thought it could. Now what are you going to do? Take the role of a Survivor, each with unique abilities, and harness both their individual skills and the power of teamwork against the hordes of unthinking undead! Zombies are predictable and stupid but deadly. Unfortunately for you, there are a LOT more zombies than you have bullets… Find weapons, kill zombies. The more you kill, the more skilled you get. The more skilled you get, however, the more zombies appear. The only way out is Zombicide! Available expansions are Prison Outbreak and Toxic Mall.
2 DDAL05-03 Uninvited Guests (1-4) Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition WotC RPGA Friday Adventure League The Shrine of the Axes has been restored and Raggnar Redtooth, who previously conspired with dragon cultists, is trying to restore his reputation in Parnast by sponsoring a feast. There is just one thing he needs, meat for his feast. Game is supposed to be plentiful in the Weathercote Wood, but the townsfolk are all busy with their own work, and the minions of Bad Fruul are still out there causing trouble. What can go wrong on a simple hunt?
2 Promises in Bone, Part 2 Dungeon World Sage Kobold RPG Friday Damon Wilson Secrets have been discovered about the giant skeleton. What will your party do with this new found knowledge? Will you all survive what is to come?
2 All Flesh Must Be Supernatural "Magic Bus" Unisystem (AFMBE) Eden Studios RPG Friday Dave Schuey Sam, Dean and some associates arrive at a small town where several maulings have a occurred. The strange part? They were all dressed like hippies. Longtime GM Dave Schuey has crafted a Supernatural expansion of the Unisystem rules and invites fans of the show to come play some of their favorites.
2 1920s Miskatonic: The Fair Arrives Call of Cthulhu Chaosium RPG Friday Kevin Hazslip The eagerly awaited fair has arrived in Arkham, It's the students first fair, attractions, games and shows await; along with a few witches, ghoulish encounters as well as creatures that go bump in the night. And what will the students do with that strangely slithering inked parchment, which is made of some otherworldly soft Sibilant sighing leather that they have absent mindedly acquired. And will someone or something seek its possession?
2 A Fight in the Wilds Castles and Crusades Troll Lord Games RPG Friday Tyler Morrison You've been caught off guard by a band of monsters as you make your way through a jungle. In the midst of battle, a chest filled with treasure has been taken. At the edge of a valley, a natural tower rises out of the middle of the tall trees. You suspect your treasure may be found within. Castles and Crusades is the fantasy game you've played for years, made simpler by the Siege Engine Mechanic.
2 Sport Stars of Empire Second Edition Aerolyth Enterprises RPG Friday Terry Sofian On the front line against the Hive in Devonshire a new alien beast has appeared. With fiendish accuracy it can hurl deadly projectiles. It moves with stealth and kills with cunning. Can the characters succeed where others have failed and kill this creature before it causes panic along the Front?
2 8-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom (1-5) Pathfinder Society Paizo RPGA Friday PFS Staff Mighty Lung Wa once controlled much of Tian Xia, but the empire crumbled a century ago. Three Successor States have squabbled for dominance ever since, each insisting that it alone is the rightful inheritor of Lung Wa's glory. In the shadow of these mighty nations, the humble land of Shokuro has sought the means to discourage its neighbors' territorial ambitions and earn their respect. When a retired hero learns of a lost, legendary palace that might protect relics of the old empire, she calls on the Pathfinder Society for assistance finding the fabled site. The PCs must travel to each of the Successor States in search of clues to uncover the palace and the treasures within. House of Harmonious Wisdom includes five 1-hour adventures that take the PCs across central Tian Xia in search of imperial treasures and forgotten secrets. The series includes a beginning adventure and a finale, but players can experience the other parts in any order.
2 8-11: Forged in Flame, Part 2: Cleansed with Fire (5-9) Pathfinder Society Paizo RPGA Friday PFS Staff Few places on the Plane of Fire are as rich in folklore, opportunities, and material wealth as the City of Brass, and it is there that the disgraced efreeti Qalkami aims to reestablish her credentials with the Society's help. Only by teaming up with this genie—at least in name, if not in spirit or practice—can the PCs both secure the secrets she owes the Society and help topple a major fixture of the City of Brass. None are better equipped than Pathfinders to infiltrate forbidden districts, crush an evil operation, and make the most of the chaos that ensues, but in a metropolis built largely of superheated metal, can the PCs take the heat?
2 8-20: Torrent's Last Will (7-11) Pathfinder Society Paizo RPGA Friday PFS Staff On the Plane of Water, familiar sights grow on impossible scales, from monumental swaths of kelp to utterly titanic sea creatures. The Society has traced a powerful relic to a tremendous shell adrift within a miles-wide swarm of giant jellyfish, and with the help of new allies, the PCs might recover it. They had best beware, though, for the Plane of Water is home to sahuagin and worse that are not eager to welcome intruders.
2 Something Wicked This Way Comes Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition AEG RPG Friday Reggie Garth It is the year 460 and the Empire is anxiously awaiting the birth of the Imperial Heir. While that is going on, Hida Taeruko has returned home from Winter Court to news that her father, Hida Ikarukani, the Crab Champion has died in combat defending the wall. Hida Taeruko has become the new Champion. As champion, she is to host summer court at Kyuden Hida and one of the big events for the Summer court is her hand in marriage. While Summer Court is in session, the Shadowlands have plans of their own. Characters are invited guests to Kyuden Hida Summer Court. This game uses 4th Edition L5R rules. Requires up to 7 players. Can be for beginners. Characters will be provided by the GM. Players who are familiar with the game are allowed to create their own characters. Following rules apply: Players begin with 90xp, Unicorn, Spider, Ox, Monkey, Snake, Oriole Clans are not playable factions.
2 Missile Heist Hellbound Rebel Intelligence Detachment Games RPG Friday Zawayix "Z" Falconer A crew of 5 takes on a heist that falls apart. Bad luck? Sabotage? An inside job? Who can you trust? Do you finish the job or will the job finish you?
2 R.E.G. (Retired, Extremely Grump) QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG Friday David Szucs Communist vampires?!? I didn’t think the commies even believed in an afterlife! U.N.S.A.F.E. has recently uncovered another blast from the past. Dimitriov the Bear has revived (insert pun groan) the Special Casualties Recruitment Section from Cold War storage to assist with the new Russian expansion into the Ukraine. Retired U.N.S.A.F.E. agents and the grumpiest of grumpy old men, Statler & Waldorf, will be vital to neutralizing the threat, finding out where all these Pirogi vendors came from, and solving the mystery of the creepy guy who picks up the trash 4 hours before the garbage truck runs. Your job is to get them there and back without letting them create an international crisis. You’ll have mission support from Muppet Labs, but you’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. PCs in this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meets The Muppets game can be any muppet or actor who has ever appeared on The Muppet Show or Sesame Street.
2 8-21: Champion's Chalice, Part 2: Agents of the Eye (1-5) Pathfinder Society Paizo RPGA Friday PFS Staff Ages before the rise of modern civilization, the cyclops empire of Ghol-Gan ruled what is now the Mwangi Expanse. The Society sends the PCs deep into the untamed Kaava lands to explore a cyclops ruin, where with a new tool in hand, the Pathfinders might uncover its forgotten and dark history. Can the PCs prevent the ruin's past from becoming Sargava's future?
2 8-19: Treacherous Waves (3-7) Pathfinder Society Paizo RPGA Friday PFS Staff The Society believes that a powerful relic lies in the depths of the Plane of Water, yet the most recent expedition to retrieve it failed for mysteriously tragic reasons. It's up to the PCs to travel to the aquatic metropolis of Vialesk to investigate that ill-fated mission and overcome the forces determined to keep the truth from coming to light.
2 Crisis at Crusader Citadel Capes & Crusaders Homebrew Superhero RPG Friday John Parker Based on the SIEGE Engine from Troll Lords Castles & Crusades. The Crusaders are nowhere to be found and the Crushers' crime wave sweeps the city. Mocker, Marionette, Bull , Hornet, Stormlord, the MACE, Vulture, the Shrew, Temper, Shocker, the Mercury Mercenary, and FIST. Only you can stop them and unravel their insidious plot.
2 Way of the Ronin: Wandering Samurai Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition Great White Games RPG Friday Dan Longoria The daimyo's son must attend an important conference in a neighboring province, a duty bestowed for reasons unknown, to lower class samurai serving the lord.
2 Season of Plundered Tombs Pathfinder Adventure Paizo Board Friday PFS Staff Catastrophe struck the world 10,000 years ago, and mighty Osirion was one of the first great nations to rise from the ashes. For centuries its pharaohs oversaw a golden age of expansion and innovation while crushing rivals such as the Tekritanin League and the golem armies of the Jistka Imperium. Eventually, though, the kingdom began to stagnate, its leaders unable to match the splendid accomplishments of their forebears. Following millennia of decline and foreign occupation, Osirion is once again autonomous and prospers under the Ruby Prince Khemet III. Hoping to uncover forgotten secrets that his kingdom might employ while encouraging foreign traffic into the increasingly prosperous land, the Ruby Prince opened Osirion to foreign explorers approximately a decade ago. The archaeological wealth of all Osirion is yours to explore. What you uncover might not just change your fortunes; it could change the world!
2 Season of Plundered Tombs Pathfinder Adventure Paizo Board Friday PFS Staff Catastrophe struck the world 10,000 years ago, and mighty Osirion was one of the first great nations to rise from the ashes. For centuries its pharaohs oversaw a golden age of expansion and innovation while crushing rivals such as the Tekritanin League and the golem armies of the Jistka Imperium. Eventually, though, the kingdom began to stagnate, its leaders unable to match the splendid accomplishments of their forebears. Following millennia of decline and foreign occupation, Osirion is once again autonomous and prospers under the Ruby Prince Khemet III. Hoping to uncover forgotten secrets that his kingdom might employ while encouraging foreign traffic into the increasingly prosperous land, the Ruby Prince opened Osirion to foreign explorers approximately a decade ago. The archaeological wealth of all Osirion is yours to explore. What you uncover might not just change your fortunes; it could change the world!
2 Dragons?! They're no dragons in Deadlands!! Deadlands Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc RPG Friday Michael Rectenwald A new terrible monster has been sighted on the plans. It is attacking trains. Witnesses say that it's big, mean….and breathes fire.
2 The Post-Oak Bluff Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Fantasy Flight Games RPG Friday Peter Ruocco The PC’s are hired by a Hutt to purchase a piece of holo-art at an auction and he will not accept failure. Unfortunately for the PC’s, several other groups are equally intent on purchasing it and are happy to kill anyone who gets in their way. All materials provided. Newcomers are welcome.
2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Demons of the Deep FAST FAST Games RPG Friday Steve Bruns The high seas are ablaze and your ship is carrying the one artifact that could shift the tide of war: the jeweled skull of the Kraken! Can you figure out what to do with the enchanted idol and bring your precious cargo to port without losing your ship or… your soul?