DieCon 17

Game Session 4 Event Schedule

Saturday June 10th, 2017

2pm - 6pm

Last Updated : 04/13

Game Session

Game Title

Game System Game CompanyGame Type Con DayGMDescription
4 The Bluff Induction Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Fantasy Flight Games RPG Saturday Peter Ruocco The PC’s are a Rebel infiltration team being sent to infiltrate a secret Imperial shipyard, but they discover they may have been betrayed. All materials provided. Newcomers are welcome.
4 Evil Dead: Ash vs. the Pokenomicon FAST FAST Games RPG Saturday Steve Bruns “ANOTHER book?!” That's right, Ash. An evil-infused version of the Pokedex is loose in Celadon City. It’s up to you to find out who is behind it and keep all the Pokemon from turning into undead horrors. Play as Ash Williams, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Jesse, James AND one of their Pokemon in this action/adventure/horror/comedy romp.
4 Firefly: Well, You See, There's a Kinda Hitch FAST FAST Games RPG Saturday Woody Babb The intrepid crew of Serenity are in Lynchview Flats for business, pleasure, and anything in between.  On the run and laying low, Mal and his cohorts look for work and enjoy a little down time.  Lost gold, desperados, a strange illness, and bounty hunters… just business as usual.  Come along for the ride, got us some crime to be done.
4 Outlaws and Orcs "The Cabinet of Dr. Calibri" Unisystem (AFMBE) Eden Studios RPG Saturday Dave Schuey A posse of drifters, outlaws and desperados discover strange goings-on outside of town near the residence of an Old World Wizard named Calibri. By investigating, have they made things better, or worse? Based on the notion that all fantasy stories are westerns, and vice versa, GM Dave Schuey has bashed together two AFMBE supplements and created Outlaws and Orcs, fantasy style adventuring on the western frontier.
4 Interface Zero 2.0: Tokyo Lucky Hole Savage Worlds: Deluxe Edition Great White Games RPG Saturday Dan Longoria The daughter of an Amer-Asian goes missing while on vacation and the police can't find her. What is a wealthy man to do when his patience has run out?
4 Killer Stars of Empire Second Edition Aerolyth Enterprises RPG Saturday Terry Sofian A killer far more bloody and ruthless stalks the benighted streets of London. Many of his victims have simply disappeared. The few remains discovered point to a diseased mind in a body of unusual power and strength. The police seem powerless to identify and capture this killer and the recent disappearance of the detective heading the investigation has only increased the terror gripping the city. The characters have been brought in to use their skills, hopefully they can bring this horror to an end.
4 Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper Crypt Monkey Studios, LLC Board Saturday Ty Rucker Jack the Ripper is a fun, fast, and easy to play social deduction card game. Players play as one of four scavenger hunters or Jack himself. Fight to determine which of you is the killer or, if you are Jack, to outlast the search. Each game lasts no more than 15 minutes. Points will be awarded after each game for defeating Jack the Ripper and for winning the game as Jack the Ripper. Near the end of the event, players with the most points will play each other in the final for a chance to win a Jack the Ripper Set. The Set includes a Jack the Ripper game deck, a play mat, and glass bead markers all packaged in a period-perfect burlap sack.
4 Limeys & Slimeys Sailing Ships Miniatures Bill Abrams Miniature Saturday Kevin Fitzpatrick 1/300 scale. Shiver Me Timbers! Avast, Me Hearty’s! Do you dare to take on the challenge of leading a band of pirates to plunder a wreck full of booty & treasure. A fast paced, easy to learn, easy to play game of sailing ships and high adventure!
4 Crisis at Crusader Citadel Capes & Crusaders Homebrew Superhero RPG Saturday John Parker Based on the SIEGE Engine from Troll Lords Castles & Crusades. The Crusaders are nowhere to be found and the Crushers' crime wave sweeps the city.Mocker, Marionette, Bull , Hornet, Stormlord, the MACE, Vulture, the Shrew, Temper, Shocker, the Mercury Mercenary, and FIST. Only you can stop them and unravel their insidious plot.
4 Guardians of Aetheria Cinemechanix Hex Games RPG Saturday Steve Johnson The shining kingdom of Aetheria is a peaceful, magical place full of happy people and valiant heroes, but beyond the ruined ancient cities of the Scarred Lands lies an evil realm ruled by monsters and madness. Lately, the wastelands are crawling with minions of Bloodgrave the Witch King, and many worry that he’s amassing an army to bring war against Aetheria. If he does, he’ll have to face the Guardians of Aetheria, brave heroes with strange powers that almost seem like they were designed entirely to make kids want the action figure. Get your first look at Hex Games’ shiny new system in this epic game of science-fantasy adventure where grimdark 80s animation meets Saturday morning cartoon toy commercials.
4 Ghost Wrasslers: The Tollbooth Phantom QAGS 2nd Ed. Hex Games RPG Saturday Ian Engle TV land is full of ghost hunting shows, but none are like the Ghost Wrasslers. These brawny paranormal investigators’ job is to put the smackdown on ghosts. These aren’t your great-granny still making her rocking chair rock ghosts, these are spooks with a mean streak a mile wide. Time to send varmints back to the Great Beyond where they belong. And we should start with the spook that's haunting the Old Turnpike.
4 Secrets of the Lost City Gamma World TSR (modified) RPG Saturday Chris Osburn A group of friends hear of a lost city and its treasure trove of ancient tech, but what they find isn't tech and they learn that some things should stay lost. Join me in exploring a new take on the gamma world system, me and my friends have combined 2nd and 4th ed and tried to make the system more playable. Let's have some fun.
4 King of Catan Settlers of Catan Mayfair Games Board Saturday Glen Grissom So you think you know how to play Catan? Show up and prove it in this 4 hour, 3 round Settlers of Catan tournament.