DieCon 17

Game Session 7 Event Schedule

Sunday June 11th, 2017

2pm - 6pm

Last Updated : 04/13

Game Session

Game Title

Game System Game CompanyGame Type Con DayGMDescription
7 Chopping the Blinds Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Fantasy Flight Games Board Sunday Peter Ruocco The PC’s take up a bounty on a pharmaceutical researcher but end up with an ethical dilemma. All materials provided. Newcomers are welcome.
7 Star Trek: Planet of Titans FAST FAST Games RPG Sunday Steve Bruns Red Alert! Fly at maximum warp to “The Forge,” a Federation protectorate under attack by forces unknown. The planet is the Federation’s prime source of giant mecha, needed for the mining of trilithium crystals. But who or what is behind the attack? Play as an officer from any era: The Original Series, Next Gen, and beyond.
7 Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones Home Rules Miniature Sunday Jon Bancroft Standing on the ledge overlooking his Valley, Og, chief of the yellowhairs feels there is something different about his valley today. Returning to the campsite he grunts his orders to the rest of the tribe. Time once again to defend what is theirs.
7 Agent MIA!! Deadlands Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc RPG Sunday Michael Rectenwald Agent Millisandra Thorn has gone missing in the wilds north of San Fransisco. All available report immediately!!
7 Advanced Civilization Civilization Avalon Hill Board Sunday Eric Hogue The classic game of advancing your civilization from the Stone Age through the Iron Age. Build, trade, travel, and watch out for calamities. Depending on the game progresses, this could take more than 9 hours, thus it is scheduled as a triple session. There will be a novice table and a veteran table.