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Board Game Library


The Atomic Squash Board Game Library will be out in full force at DieCon. Games featured this year will include some favorites from the Atomic Squash library along with a sampling of new and popular games. We expect to have more than 200 titles available for checkout and play during the weekend.


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Library Hours:

Fri 13:00 -23:45

Sat 9:00 - 23:45

Sun 9:00 - 18:00

Prototype Alley 2016

DieCon and Atomic Squash are proud to debut Prototype Alley in 2016, a place where aspiring game designers can play test their games with willing participants. Player participants will also get a chance at a cool prize as a thanks for play testing new games. Designers interested in participating should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for their choice of times. Players interested in participating should sign-up in the board game area at the convention.



About Atomic Squash - Proudly celebrating 10 years of great board gaming!


Atomic Squash is dedicated to spreading and supporting the board gaming hobby throughout the community.  Always open to everyone, and newbie-friendly, we play an assortment of European and Ameritrash-style board games. We have also been known to dabble in miniatures, dice and cards along with expandable card games. The group meets weekly, on Monday nights at Heroic Adventures in Edwardsville, starting at 6pm. Join us.



This is the List of Board Games that we will have at DieCon 16
Tasty Minstrel Games     USAopoly  
  Battlecruisers     Lift It! Deluxe
  Flip City      Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game!
  Harbour     Telestrations
Daily Magic Games     Grandpa Beck's Games  
  Valeria Card Kingdoms     Cover Your Assets
Indie Boards & Cards     Smirk & Dagger Games  
  Flash Point: Fire Rescue     Hex * Hex
  Melee     Dread Curse
  Roar-a-Saurus   Mayday Games  
  Coup     Viceroy
  The Resistance     Mow Money
Bezier Games       Dead Man's Draw
  Favor of the Pharaoh     Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000
  Terra   Grail Games  
Stronghold Games       Matcha
  Dark Moon     Too Many Cinderellas
  Pictomania     Circus Flohcati
Gorilla Games     Level 99 Games  
  Lifeboat     Disc Duelers
  Desert Island     NOIR
R&R Games       RESISTOR_
  GobbleStones   Thames & Kosmos  
  QIN     Dimension
  Panda Head     Steam Time
  SPIKE     Tumult Royale
 INI, Inc.      U.S. Games Systems  
   Dabble      Renaissance Wars
 Overworld Games        Backstab
   Good Cop Bad Cop      Mystery Rummy
   New Salem    MomentumVolsk  
   Booze Barons      Castle Assault
 Fireside Games      Studio Woe  
   Munchkin Panic      Gruff
   The Village Crone    Mirror Box Games  
   Castle Panic      Chaosmos
   Dead Panic    Chara Games  
   Bears!      Commissioned
 Allsaid & Dunn      Wattsalpoag Games  
   Bin'Fa: The Tao of War      A Fistful of Penguins
 FoxMind Toys & Games        Claim It!
   Fauna      Jet Set
   Maze Racers